We cordially invite you to get to know St. Stephen’s Cathedral not only as a place of worship but also as one of the most fascinating and, at the same time, best sound spaces. Since we want to do justice to our cultural mission, we offer you the opportunity to partake in this unique experience during a concert. Below, you will find the current concert programme with all relevant information on the musical performances.

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Konzert „von KLASSIK bis GOSPEL“

am 26.01.2019 um 20.30


Gregory J. Aune & Dr. Brandon Dean, Leitung
Dr. Chad Winterfeldt, Organist


u.a. Werke von J. Ch. Bach, H. Purcell bis zu Gospels & Spirituals

Kartenpreise für den 26.01.2019

mit Sicht: 15,00 €
ohne Sicht: 10,00 €

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